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• 2/7/2014


Happy Mamuel Day! Wow, the day has come by so fast! Thanks to everyone who shared their Mamuel love on the What Is Mamuel? page! I've been thinking of some Season 4 episodes of Babysitter, and I was thinking...Mamuel is getting back together! <3

There isn't anything to really do on Mamuel Day, but just share the love of the pairing and say why you love it! What a coincidence that the day is a week before Valentine's Day?!

Just say what you like about the pairing below and share your love!

Thanks everyone for making the first Mamuel Day celebrated the best ever!

Kind regards,


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• 2/7/2014
What do you love about Mamuel?
• 3/5/2014

I'm gonna start off:

  • I made up the pairing (of course I like it!)
  • Every moment is cuteeee
  • I just love everything about it! EVERYTHING!

Please say your's below!

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