Secret You Can't Hold

  • They were both woken up by the same thing and they woke up at roughly around the same time.
  • Both of them disapproved of the Pakistanish Lady marrying Matthew and taking over their lives.
  • They both shared the same vision: the Pakistanish Lady singing a song to them while feeding them scones.
  • They looked at each other confused when they were forced to wear ridiculous outfits.
  • They both questioned themselves when their vision/nightmare came true.
  • They worked together to hurry the Pakistanish Lady out the door.
  • They both wanted the Pakistanish Lady gone for good, and they were willing to do anything it took.
  • When Babushka cheered when the Pakistanish Lady was gone, Madison asked her if she was serious (this was a recurring theme in many episodes, most notably so far Crystal Comes to Town and Timothy...Who?).

Happy Birthday

  • Babushka asked Samuel to play along and pretend that they had no clue that it was Madison's birthday coming up. Babushka was the one who mainly did the talking.
  • Babushka laughed and told Madison that she was just messing with her.
  • Babushka was involved in the planning for Madison's surprise birthday party.
  • Babushka wished Madison a happy birthday and the two of them hugged for a split second.
  • Babushka was the second person to give Madison her gift, and she gave her a "pretty red flower just for her". She also told Madison that she picked it out of The Jennifer's garden, so they were probably going to be mad about it.
    • Coincidentally enough, Madison thought that this gift was better than the charm bracelet that Phil brought for her.
  • Madison thanked everyone (including Babushka) for giving her the best birthday ever.
  • Babushka wasn't sure where Madison was at school.
  • Babushka and Samuel tried to devise a plan to take the phone away from Madison without her knowing.
  • On cue, Babushka and Samuel waited until Madison stopped using her phone and went to sleep. Babushka then watched Samuel attempt to steal the phone away from Madison, however he failed miserably.

Spring Cleaning

  • Madison filmed Babushka at the bowling ally for her web show and told her viewers that they should not get Babushka mad.
  • Madison wanted Babushka to come on camera, and Babushka reluctantly did this for a few seconds before she shut the camera off herself.
  • Babushka told Madison to shut the camera off and Madison refused.
  • Madison gave Babushka a side-smirk when Babushka accidentally volunteered herself to crawl into the vent.
  • Madison came back with Babushka after she ran away and they were holding hands.
  • Madison placed the earpiece and camera on Babushka.
  • Madison helped to hoist Babushka up by holding her foot.
  • Madison and Babushka communicated through walkie-talkies whilst Babushka was crawling through the vent.
  • Madison was the only one concerned for Babushka's health when Babushka got stuck in the vent.
  • Babushka asked Madison to come close to her, even with the stench of the cheese being foul. Madison inched as close as she could to Babushka whilst there was a duct window separating them.
  • Babushka admitted to Madison that she was claustrophobic and she never told anyone prior to this.
  • Madison defended Babushka when Samuel was making smart comments about Babushka's phobia.
  • When the duct window was finally removed, Madison told Babushka to come down carefully. However, Babushka falls straight down, breaking the book shelf that was underneath the duct window.
  • When Babushka finally escaped, they wrap their arm around each other's shoulders and touch their cheeks. As a result of this, Madison got a bit of cheese on her cheek (from Babushka's).

A New Phil

  • Babushka watched Madison hurry down the stairs.
  • Babushka asked Madison, "Why, what's wrong?" when Madison asked everyone to be quiet, showing that she cared about her.
  • Babushka stood up for Madison when the police officer was trying to look for her.
  • Babushka approached Madison (and Samuel) at school and proudly showed off her new cheerleading uniform.
  • Madison told Babushka that her uniform read "BABUSH" instead of "BABUSHKA".
  • Babushka left Madison a voice message on her phone about how she wasn't able to turn up to school (due to her cheerleading-related injury).
  • Madison somehow left her phone on and Babushka managed to eavesdrop on her, Samuel and Phil's conversation.
  • Madison hung up on Babushka once and almost hung up on her the second time, before Babushka suggested that they should call Million Bucks Bill.
  • Madison watched Babushka get wheeled across the operating room.
  • Madison asked Babushka about her operation.
  • The two of them danced together and they jumped up and did the slits at the same time (along with Samuel, Matthew and Phil).
  • Their hospital beds were next to each other.
  • They yell out "Here come the pain!" at the same time (along with Samuel, Matthew and Phil).

Camp Hideous

  • Babushka was curious when Madison came bursting through the door in excitement.
  • Babushka warned Madison about the camp that she was going to go on.
  • They hugged before Madison got on the bus.
  • Babushka smiled and waved to Madison when she was entering the bus.
  • Babushka said that she was going to miss Madison, however she changed the subject straight away.
  • Babushka (and the others) ran to Matthew when he told them that he was talking to Madison on the phone.
  • Babushka happily ran to Madison when she arrived home.
  • Babushka told Madison about the couple of days that her and Samuel just had (however the others were trying to tell her stories all at once).
  • Although Madison told Babushka (and the others) that she was just one person and she needed space, Babushka continued telling her about her week (along with the others telling Madison about their week too).

Martinez out of Control

  • Babushka looked concerned when Madison ran up to her and Samuel, asking them about the news about Miss Martinez.
  • Madison told Babushka that cancer wasn't contagious.
  • Madison often smirked and rolled her eyes whenever Chester tried to hit on Babushka, possibly showing a sign of jealousy.
  • Miss Martinez put Madison and Babushka (as well as Samuel and Chester) in charge of the school, meaning that they had to read out the morning announcements and they had to install a sign above the cafeteria.
  • Babushka helped Madison get the student's attention by screaming into the microphone. Madison thanked her.
  • They read out the morning announcements together, and they were going to read out one, however they both agreed that it was "too inappropriate for kids".
  • Although it was Babushka's fault for accidentally burning half the school down, Madison was concerned that herself, Babushka, Samuel and Chester were going to be expelled.
  • They both had the same nightmare, where Matthew kicked them out of the hotel room for getting expelled.
  • Babushka supported Madison's decision to reason with Miss Martinez.

Dreams Come Alive

Part 1

  • Madison sarcastically told Babushka to "keep living life to the fullest" as Babushka updated her Buddy Page.
  • Babushka appeared in Madison's music video for Life in Chicago.
  • When Madison announced that she was heading to her room, Babushka jumped up from the couch and ran up to join her. She was one of the only people who reached Madison's room before Madison told everyone she wanted to be alone (Madison allowed Babushka, Matthew and Phil to go with her to her room).

Part 2

  • Babushka jokingly asked Madison why she was still watching the Life in Chicago music video.
  • Babushka tried to force Madison off the laptop so that she could delete Million Bucks Bill's Buddy Page profile.
  • Babushka tried to warn Madison about the dangers of putting a video online.
  • Babushka seemed happy for Madison when her video reached one million views over night.
  • Madison asked Babushka to go with her to confront JJ Martin (even though Madison and Samuel were the main stars of the music video and Babushka just made a cameo).
  • Babushka instructed Madison to take her shoe off and she used it to break the glass on the door.
  • Babushka told Madison to hoist her through the newly broken window of the door, and she did.
  • They confronted JJ Martin together and were both disappointed when neither of them could do anything about him taking credit for Madison's music video.
  • They watched JJ Martin's video together.
  • Babushka was concerned for Madison whilst she was reading out negative comments.
  • They came up with a plan to trick JJ Martin into giving them back the copyrights of the song, and the plan executed perfectly.
  • Madison looked confused and shocked when Babushka blew on the glass and it broke.
  • They stood next to each other during their confrontation with JJ Martin.
  • Madison was concerned for Babushka when she handcuffed JJ Martin and didn't know how to get the handcuffs free.

Wrestling In The Dark

  • Madison chained Babushka and Samuel together because of an incident that occurred at lunch.
  • Madison freed Babushka first.
  • Madison wanted Samuel and Babushka to stop fighting because she was concerned for the both of them.
  • Madison tried to stop Babushka from being violent.
  • Madison tried to talk to Babushka and convince her not to go through with the wrestling match.
  • Madison bribed Babushka with cookies and lemonade, similar to how she did so in Pilot.
  • Also similar to Pilot, Babushka told Madison that her cookies weren't that great.
  • Madison watched Babushka work out for a few seconds and seemed pretty amused.
  • Babushka grabbed Madison's upper arms and asked her to be her sparing partner. Madison immediately said no.
  • Madison told Babushka that she was scared of Babushka, after witnessing her knock Chester out in a punch and a kick.
  • Despite protesting, Madison agreed to be her sparing partner.
  • Babushka told Madison to imitate Samuel so that she could work herself up, and she did.
  • Babushka punched Madison straight in left eye and the eye remained injured for the rest of the episode.
  • Babushka grabbed Madison an ice pack and looked apologetic.
  • Babushka looked embarrassed towards Chester and she didn't want anything to do with him; probably because Madison was standing there.
  • Babushka took Madison to the doctor's surgery and the two of them waited in the waiting room together.
  • Babushka went with Madison inside the doctor's office.
  • Madison and Babushka, and the doctor recognised each other from when Babushka went to the dentist for the first time (referring to the events of Dentist Dilemma).
  • Madison lied to the doctor about her eye injury, probably to protect Babushka from any legal trouble. Babushka was also wearing a tube top while at the doctor's surgery.
  • Madison yelled "That's my girl!" when Babushka entered the ring. She told the people surrounding her that she was rooting for both Samuel and Babushka's sides.

Christmas Cheers

  • Babushka approached Madison (and Samuel), and offered to give them hot chocolate.
  • Madison said no straight away, thinking that Babushka put something in the hot chocolate.
  • Madison tried the hot chocolate anyway, however she spit it out within a few seconds.
  • Babushka was interested in Madison's story and about how she saved Dorothy Pat's life.
  • They stand next to each other and dance with each other during Dorothy's performance.
  • Dorothy asked them (along with Samuel, Matthew and Phil) if she could write and perform a song with them.
  • Babushka responded to Madison's lyrics, and together they came up with the second verse of "Jumpstart".
  • They stood next to each other on the stage.
  • Babushka looked proud of Madison whilst Madison was singing her part of the song. This occurred vise versa as well.
  • The two of them sung the lyrics, "We gotta get up off of the ground!" together whilst smiling at each other.
  • They constantly smiled at each other during the performance.

A Year's Celebration

  • Madison approached Babushka whilst she was practicing for a talent show audition and tried to get her attention.
  • Babushka got frustrated when Madison continuously stopped her music.
  • Madison told Babushka about the anniversary party; however Babushka mainly cared about her audition.
  • Babushka made Madison undress her, so Madison held the bottom of Babushka's sari whilst Babushka unraveled herself, revealing a singlet top underneath.
  • The two of them ate and laughed together during the party.
  • Madison reacted to Babushka's comment about Matthew leaving with, "No, this isn't right," and Madison went after Matthew.
  • Babushka stole a cellphone from a random student for Madison.
  • Babushka looked infuriated when the student started flirting with Madison (probably due to jealousy).
  • Madison was confused as to why Babushka brought food into the police man's office.

Critic's Choice

  • Madison warned Babushka about the refrigerator door being left open prior to Babushka bumping into it.
  • Madison grabbed Babushka's hand and helped her up.
  • It was revealed that both of them were infatuated with the same guy: Taylor Jordan (a teenaged celebrity chef who owns the Fast Finger restaurant).
  • Madison suggested that she could go with Babushka to meet Taylor Jordan.
  • They kept stealing Taylor's cookbooks away from each other whilst Matthew was explaining the rules of the weekend.
  • Both of them offered to bring Taylor up to the hotel room. The two girls raced towards the door, however, Babushka beat her and whacked the door in Madison's face. Madison wiped it off and did a run-up towards the door and bumped into Million Bucks Bill while doing so.
  • Both girls clung onto both sides of Taylor and they admired him together.
  • Madison gave Babushka a flirtatious smile when Babushka said that she "bagged the cheekbones" (on the pizza with Taylor's face burnt into it).
  • Babushka was openly jealous when Taylor was flirting with Madison.
  • Babushka found Madison in her room and told her to stop stealing Taylor away from her.
  • Babushka offered to fight for Taylor, and wanted to let the "best lady" win. While telling Madison this, she inched her face closer to Madison's so that they were only an inch away from each other. Babushka gave Madison a once-over before deciding to lock her in the closet.
  • Madison forgave Babushka over the closet-thing, and the two of them share a hug. She then told her, "Babushka. You're an amazing person. One day, you'll be breaking hearts like Samuel breaks air: constantly and everywhere!".
  • Despite her jealousy, Babushka told Madison that she supported her and Taylor's relationship. The two of them shared another hug after this.
    • This was before Babushka decided to tell the world where Taylor was.
  • Babushka asked Madison what the lobby was like, and admitted to Madison that she felt bad about what she did. Madison then told her to stay out of trouble.
  • Madison witnessed Babushka put her hand up slightly to confess, and jumped up to tell Matthew that she was the one who told the world where Taylor was. She was willing to lie to protect Babushka.
  • Babushka came clean about what she did, but Madison defended her and said that she actually told her friends at home about her and Taylor's date.
  • Their arms were around each other during the group's big group hug.

A Love/Hate Situation

  • Babushka looked concerned when she saw that Madison has Samuel's vomit all over her shirt.
  • Babushka wanted Madison's help, so she grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her up to their bedroom.
  • Madison constantly protested when Babushka was pulling her.
  • Madison told Babushka that Samuel was sleeping and he shouldn't be disturbed, however Babushka ignored her and hit Samuel with a pillow.
  • Babushka wanted to admit something to Madison (her crush on Matthew), however she initially told her that the reason why she dragged her upstairs was to tell her about her clumsiness.
  • Madison disagreed and told Babushka that she was making a too big of a deal of her getting hurt a lot.
  • They ducked down together during the miniature earthquake.
  • Both of them agreed that the earthquake was weird.
  • Babushka finally came clean and told Madison that she had a crush on somebody.
  • Madison grew excited about Babushka's first crush, however Babushka didn't tell her that she was crushing on Matthew.
  • Madison wanted to help Babushka as much as she could, so she agreed to organize a date at The Romance restaurant.
  • Madison wanted to go on Babushka's date and be her "wing-woman". Also, she said that since Babushka was 6, a lot of things could happen to her.
  • Madison did Babushka's make-up for her date, and Babushka disapproved of her look.
  • Madison told Babushka that she looked amazing, and that her date should love her even more.
  • The arrive and sit down at the restaurant together.
  • After Madison discovered that Babushka had a crush on Matthew, she dragged Babushka into the bathroom to have a "talk".
    • They accidentally walked into the boy's bathroom first before getting toilet paper pelted at them.
  • Madison locked her and Babushka in the bathroom so that they could have a private talk.
  • Babushka told Madison that the reason why she fell for Matthew was because of his hot lasagne; which he made a few nights before.
  • Madison told Babushka all the reasons why she shouldn't be attracted to Matthew, and told her that she wasn't in love with Matthew, only his dish.
  • Babushka agreed to tell Madison about her future crushes.
  • Madison forgave Babushka and the two of them shared a hug. They are almost interrupted by someone knocking on the door, however Madison responded with, "We're having a moment!".
  • Babushka flirtatiously said that Madison should go out with Samuel. Madison shyly disagreed.
  • Madison took Babushka's hand, and the two of them confronted all of the angry women waiting to use the bathroom with their hands together.
  • Madison made Babushka apologize to Matthew.
  • Babushka looked concerned when Madison's dress was covered in Samuel's vomit.

Babysitter Meets Spontaneous

Note: This episode is a 2-part crossover special with the fellow Clearstime series Spontaneous; where part 1 is a Babysitter episode and part 2 is a Spontaneous episode. Only part 1's moments are featured in this section.

  • Madison and Babushka (and Samuel) walked into the school auditorium together whilst Madison talked about how excited she was for the school assembly.
  • They sat next to each other during the morning announcements.
  • Babushka was curious as to why Madison was so excited about visitors coming to the school.
  • Babushka seemed annoyed when Madison was taking a liking to Tane.
  • Babushka wanted to hang out with Madison at lunch and became upset when Madison told her that she already had plans.
  • Madison told Babushka that she should learn how to socialize, but Babushka kept objectifying.
  • Babushka was openly jealous when Tane wanted to spend time with Madison.
  • Babushka and Tane fought over Madison and Babushka got hurt in the progress.
  • Babushka decided that her and Madison shouldn't be friends anymore because it seemed like Madison much-rather have wanted to spend time with Tane (a girl who picked on her best friend) rather than Babushka.
  • Madison tried to get Babushka's attention in the cafeteria, however Babushka rushed straight past her and ignored her.
  • Madison couldn't concentrate on her lunch as she was starring at Babushka for a while.
  • Madison decided to walk over to Babushka's table and attempt to make her forgive her, however Babushka did not listen.
  • The two of them get into a heated argument before ending their friendship for good.

The Book of Secrets

  • Madison asked Babushka (along with Samuel and Matthew) if they wanted to play board games, but Babushka told her board games were boring.
  • Babushka was quietly observing Madison and Simon from a distance.
  • They entered the school hallway talking to each other, where Madison was telling Babushka about her plans with Simon.
  • Babushka was shocked when Samuel told her that he found out that Madison was sneaking out to go to the movies last night. Babushka told Samuel that she wanted to bust Madison so that she wouldn't get in trouble from Matthew.
  • Despite Samuel saying that she shouldn't, Babushka managed to find Madison and Simon in the movie theatre.
  • Babushka climbed her way over the movie-goers and chairs until she sat on Madison and Simon's arm rest between them, interrupting their kiss.
  • They inched their heads closer whilst they whispered to each other, and Simon asked Madison if she knew Babushka, and she said no.
  • Madison seemed defensive when Babushka started to hit on Simon.
  • Madison threatened to push Babushka off the arm rest if she didn't leave, however Babushka didn't take no for an answer. As a result, Madison did push Madison off, causing her to fall on the floor.
  • Babushka interrupted yet another kiss from Madison and Simon, and Madison openly told Babushka, "That is the second kiss you've interrupted tonight! If you interrupt one more, Simon is gonna think that you're interrupting us on purpose!".
  • Babushka told Madison about how she found out about her sneaking out, and showed her the book.
  • The two of them fought over the book for a few seconds before they dropped it on the ground.
  • They reach for the book at the same time and bump into each other's heads.
  • Babushka looked upset for Madison when she saw her upset.
  • Babushka picked the lock to the locked door to the bedroom, and ran across the room to Madison's bed to hug her.
  • Babushka (while hugging Madison) told Madison that it was weird, because usually, it was Madison comforting Babushka; not the other way around (referring to Pilot and Gifts for a Living).
  • Babushka tried to cheer Madison up by playing happy music.
  • Madison asked Babushka if she wanted to sing back-up for her, and she agreed to do it.
  • Since Babushka was Madison's back-up singer, she would often repeat lyrics that Madison just sang a few seconds before during the performance. This resulted of the two of them going back-to-back and smiling at each other frequently while performing.
  • Madison pulled Babushka and Samuel into a group hug after the song was over.
  • Babushka stopped Madison from making a fool out of herself with Simon.

Heat Wave

  • Madison was confused when she saw Babushka rush to the air conditioner.
  • They waited downstairs together whilst the guys brought down the giant fan.
  • Madison was pressed against Babushka's body whilst the fan was sliding them back.
  • Babushka grabbed onto Madison's hips and faced down whilst everyone made a chain to turn the fan off.
  • Babushka landed on Madison's stomach when they fell, and responded to her when Madison asked if everyone was okay.
  • Madison saw Babushka cleaning her nails with the toothpick and thought it was gross.
  • Babushka was getting worried when Madison (and Samuel) didn't return, and suspected that something was going on between the two of them.
  • Babushka was suspicious as to why Madison and Samuel took so long to get the drinks. Although Madison tried to explain that her and Samuel were trapped in the elevator, Babushka still felt her stomach with her bear hands (implying that she thought that Madison and Samuel had sex in the elevator).
  • Babushka was relieved to learn that Madison wasn't pregnant.

Ms. Coward...What Have You Done?

  • Babushka was relieved when she knew where Madison was, however she seemed concerned for her when she came down the hallway on her cell phone.
  • Babushka tried explaining to Madison that there was always a logical explanation for everything (like in Clown Heads Everywhere).
  • Madison asked Babushka to "check everywhere else" for her camcorder, however Babushka recalled the time in Wrestling In the Dark where Madison was looking for her camcorder.
  • Madison asked Babushka to whip up a few costumes that her, Samuel and Babushka could wear.
  • The two of them were touching shoulders as they marched down the hallway.
  • Madison toppled over Babushka when Samuel bumped into her.
  • They linked arms while they were doing the can-can, however Madison raised her arms and whacked Babushka in the face (both times in the episode), giving her a black eye.
  • Madison asked Babushka to show her her black eye, and winced when she saw it.
  • Madison gave Babushka an eye patch to wear over her injured eyes.
    • From this point on, both of them have given black eyes to each other; where Babushka gave Madison a black eye in Wrestling In the Dark. Ms Coward also gave Babushka a black eye in Detention.
  • They were part of the plan to get Ms Coward and Phil to kiss.
  • They sat next to each other on the couch at Ms Coward's place.

Sox Are Awesome

  • At the beginning of the episode, Babushka walked up to Madison and asked her to taste a sandwich (while she was still holding it). As a prank, Babushka got the sandwich out of the garbage and made Madison taste it.
  • Babushka tried to help Madison get a pair of socks to wear.
  • Madison was impressed with Babushka's powerful persuasion skills and constantly asked Samuel, "how does she do that?!".
  • Babushka gave Madison one of the socks out of the basket and kept the rest for herself.
  • Madison joined in on Babushka's ketchup fight.
  • Madison felt sorry for Babushka when the woman from the twelfth floor found out that she was lying and she tried to defend her.
  • Babushka was mad when Madison (and Samuel) didn't stand up for her in regards to the ketchup fight.
  • It was Madison's idea at the end of the episode to bring the whole social studies class back to clean up the mess from the ketchup fight, as Madison told Babushka that since they were friends, it was her duty to be responsible for the fight too.

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

  • Madison watched Babushka and Samuel play sock basketball for a few seconds before asking them where they wanted to go for the school break.
  • Madison looked concerned when Babushka threw the sea-shell in the security guard's eye, as he wished her bad luck.
  • Madison was concerned that Babushka was going swimming by herself, however Babushka assured her that she would be extra careful.
    • Ironically, Babushka emerged from the water a few minutes later with a massive cut on her knee after a sharp rock scratched her. Madison showed avid concern for Babushka and told her that she should see a nurse.
  • Madison shared the same concern when Babushka got pecked by a pelican.
  • They met up inside the small and crowded room and Babushka told Madison that she was hit in the head with a large beach ball.
  • They both tripped over Million Bucks Bill and landed next to each other.
  • They sat next to each other whilst they were eating lunch.
  • Babushka appeared to be admiring Madison whilst Babushka was apologising for bad luck. This was shown through Babushka's wide-eyed expression and her pupils were fully dilated, even though it was bright a sunny.
    • This implies sexual or romantic attraction in any given circumstance.

No Gum Allowed

  • Madison gave Babushka a stick of gum (even though Babushka was asked to spit it out afterwards).
  • Both Madison and Babushka were against the "no gum in school" rule.
  • They stood next to each other in the morning announcements.
  • Babushka seemed impressed with Madison's "invisi-gum" (even though she barely spoke in the scene).
  • Babushka helped Madison stash the gum away before Ms Coward and Miss Martinez would catch them.
  • Babushka was proud of Madison and stood by her speech about gum.


  • Babushka watched backstage as Madison was auditioning.
  • Babushka applauded and shouted at Madison when she finished her audition and congratulated her for it afterwards.
  • They squealed and hugged each other after Madison's audition.
  • Madison gave Babushka one of two VIP passes for front row seats for the concert.
  • Babushka was on Madison's side and wanted to go to the concert.
  • Babushka was unhappy when Matthew said no about the concert.
  • Babushka (off screen) was helping Madison get changed for the concert.
  • Babushka cheered Madison on whilst she was on stage.
  • Babushka tried to warn about Matthew showing up to the concert, showing that she was worried for her.

Million Bucks Job

To be added.

Wireless Internet Service

To be added.


  • Babushka was curious about Madison's new job.
  • Both Babushka and Samuel agreed to encourage Madison to study for her upcoming trigonometry exam by attempting to change the subject of conversation to the exam and giving her practice questions during her shift at Lasagna Pete's.
  • Babushka could not keep her eyes off of Madison whilst Madison was talking about the police officer that she had a crush on.
  • Madison went to Babushka for advice, for how to get the police officer to like her back.
  • Babushka told Madison that she was an expert at relationships, and attempted to show her how to "walk the walk".
  • Babushka helped to get Madison up after she fell over.
  • Babushka suggested that since the police officer enjoyed music, that Madison should write and perform a rap for him at work the next day. Babushka also suggested to carry a big boom box on her shoulder, and Madison fell through with the plan (which eventually resulted her to getting fired).

Million Bucks Bill Sells Sea Shells By The Sea Shore

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Willy The Monster

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Boo, Boo Is History

Part 1

  • Madison tried conning Babushka into helping her find Boo Boo by giving her a noogie on the head.
  • Babushka forcefully let go and jokingly told Madison that she was now her ex-best friend.
  • Babushka wanted to use the music pod that Madison was using just a few minutes before.
  • Babushka suggested that Madison should visit the animal Lost & Found, and she does.
  • When Matthew suggested that him, Samuel, Babushka, Phil and Million Bucks Bill should visit The Shack, Babushka asked, "What about Madison?"
  • Both her and Madison had difficulty picking the lock of the places that they were trapped in. These were juxtaposed with each other.
  • Babushka told Samuel that the reason why Madison texted him, was to say that she didn't want to be Samuel's friend anymore; probably to ruin his and Madison's friendship.

Part 2

  • Madison admitted to Boo Boo that she missed the others (which included Babushka).
  • Babushka was annoyed when Samuel refused to rescue Madison.
  • Babushka wanted to fight off the security guards for Madison's sake.
  • When the others asked Babushka why she wanted to fight the security guards, Babushka told them that Madison was her best friend.
  • Madison saw Babushka first when the others finally found her, and they hugged the door (which meant that they hugged each other).
  • Babushka threatened Steve to give her the keys so that she could open the door to Madison.
  • They ran into a hug when the door finally opened.
  • Babushka was uncomfortable during Madison and Samuel's conversation.