I Thought You Were The One
Artist(s): Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast
Album: Babysitter Soundtrack II
Recorded: 2012
Released: 2013 (With the album)
Writer(s): Taylor ❤

I Thought You Were The One is a fictionally written song that was first heard during the BABYSITTER episode Dirty Cheaters. It was finally released along with the second Babysitter soundtrack in June 2013. Part of the song can be heard on this page. Turn your volume up to hear the instrumental version of the song!

Background and Release

The song was written by Taylor for the pairing, and it was written in 2013. It first came up when she was writing down the song titles for the second soundtrack, and she just came up with the name. She also came up with the lyrics while in the shower (no lie). It was then finally released partially when Taylor created this page in 2013. In fanon, the song was released with the second Babysitter soundtrack.

Lyrics (Under construction)


Whatever happened to us?

We used to be really good friends

Is this what I get?

For being the girl of your dreams


You don't understand

She took you by the hand


And this is what you get


I thought you were the one who used to hold me really tight

I thought you were the one who used to help me sleep at night

We kissed, we hugged and all the same

By golly that has changed...anyway

I thought you were the one

[Nausheen, Andrew, Mark and Karin]

She thought you were the one

To be continued...

Coming soon!