You must've seen my commercial online. I'm Liv Rooney. You might know me from the smash-tacular TV show, Sing It Loud!.
Liv to Patricia in Soaping Wet Hands
Olivia Rooney



General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: October 5, 1997
Address: Chicago, Illinois (temporarily)
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Hollywood, California (2009-2013)
Occupation(s): Relationship Counselor
Aliases: Liv (by everyone)
Family & Friends
Family: Maddie
Friends: Patricia Andrews (client)
Other Information
Interests: Singing
Series Information
First appearance: Soaping Wet Hands
Last appearance: The New Addition (Physical appearance)
As I Lay Crying (Mentioned only)
Portrayed By: Dove Cameron

Olivia "Liv" Rooney is one of the two protagonists of the Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie and a recurring character in Season 4 of BABYSITTER. She first appeared in the episode Soaping Wet Hands when Patricia needed a relationship counselor to help her get over her long-term depression about her divorce with Matthew. At the end of that episode, Patricia fires her; but Liv refuses to let Patricia go without giving her the full emotional support. In the next episode, Timothy 3, Liv acts more like Patricia's personal assistant. Her final appearance was in The New Addition when she got offered the job to assist Beyoncé and Jay-Z with their marriage problems, leaving Patricia to deal with her problems on her own.

She is portrayed by Dove Cameron.


Season 4

In Soaping Wet Hands, Patricia finds an advertisement online about a cheap relationship counselor and she automatically takes it. She regrets the decision when she finds out that the counselor is a teenage girl. Luckily, Patricia accepts it; as long as it could help her with her depression. Patricia asks Liv to spy on Matthew to see what he was doing, and Liv painfully reports back to her saying that Matthew has a new girlfriend; meaning that he's already moved on. After constant references to her Wisconsin life, Patricia fires her; but Liv refuses to leave.

In Timothy 3, Liv acts like Patricia's personal assistant; doing her housework and making her tea. Despite firing her, Patricia still makes Liv go over to Matthew's hotel room to seek more action with Matthew and Sheniqua. Liv suddenly becomes interested in Madison, Samuel and Babushka's activities, becoming scared when she spots Timothy's reflection in the oven window. Freaked out, Liv goes back across the hall and back with Patricia.

In Going, Going, Gone...?, Liv tells Patricia that she invited an old friend (the man from Dinosaur's Den who hit on her) to help her move on. Patricia isn't happy with the outcome. After planting a kiss on Patricia, the man leaves and Patricia is left to question Liv about how she feels.

In The New Addition, Liv gets an opportunity to help a celebrity couple and leaves Patricia alone, promising her that she'll get through her depression. In her last scene, she is shown on the news; acting greedy and rich from all the money that the celebrities have given her.

Liv was also briefly mentioned by Patricia in As I Lay Crying.

Relationships with Other Characters



Madison, Samuel and Babushka

Liv and Madison, Samuel and Babushka only interacted in one episode, which was Timothy 3. In the episode, Patricia tells Liv to take a walk, so Liv ends up in their hotel room and finds them in the kitchen. Liv interrupts them mid-conversation and introduces herself. She also tells them that they can continue their conversation and pretend that she's not there. However, Liv suggests for them to play Duck Duck Dinosaur, and plays it with them for a short while before Madison, Samuel and Babushka become annoyed. Liv eventually gets terrified when she sees a boy (Timothy) in the reflection of the oven. She tells Madison, Samuel and Babushka that their hotel room is haunted and she goes back across the hall, back to Patricia.


Soaping Wet Hands

Liv: (to Patricia) You must've seen my commercial online. I'm Liv Rooney. You might know me from the smash-tacular TV show, Sing It Loud!. (cuts to confessional) Okay, so a little self-promotion wouldn't hurt anybody! *giggles* I mean, this woman should really know who I am, right?

Patricia: I'm sorry. It's just that I was expecting a counselor who was a lot...older.

Liv: (to Patricia) I'm aware. I may not be some shaggy 40 year-old with a psychology degree, but I am willing to help others who are optimistically willing for my help! (cuts to confessional) Okay, so I may not be a sassy teenage girl with a psychology degree...or a teenager with any degree of that matter, but um, I'm an actress. I can totally pull this thing off! And I also need extra money for shoes, so... (cuts back to scene)
Patricia: Alright, I guess we can start.
Liv: Did I mention that I was the lead star in the hit blockbuster Space Werewolves?!

Patricia: Uhh, no.

Liv: Hey, Patricia! Um, so do you want to hear some good news, or bad news?!

Patricia: What are you talking about? How's Matthew going?
Liv: Okay, so the good news is, that they're giving us free manicures at the health spa down the road, so both of us can get manicures together!
Patricia: Okay, I don't care about that. Tell me, what was Matthew up to?
Liv: Okay. So the bad news is... *sigh* Patricia, you should sit down, um... (sits next to Patricia on the couch) Listen, I don't really know how to tell you this, but...Matthew has moved on. (cuts to confessional) Yep, I said it. And I really hope Patricia doesn't hate me. (cuts back to scene)
Patricia: Wait, what do you mean?
Liv: Well, you asked me to go across the hall and spy on Matthew, and well, he was with a date.
Patricia: Oh.
Liv: All I know about her is that she is a part-time model, and she and Matthew met at the gym.
Patricia: Ugh!
Liv: I am so sorry, Patricia. I don't really know what to say.
Patricia: It's fine. It's just, I can't believe he's moved on already. (stands up)

Liv: I know, and Patricia, I may not be the relationship counselor that I said I was, but I promise you, I will not leave you until I give you full emotional support.



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