Secret You Can't Hold

  • They were both woken up by the same thing and they woke up at roughly around the same time.
  • Both of them disapproved of the Pakistanish Lady marrying Matthew and taking over their lives.
  • They both shared the same vision: the Pakistanish Lady singing a song to them while feeding them scones.
  • They looked at each other confused when they were forced to wear ridiculous outfits.
  • During the song, the lyrics went as the following:
Pakistanish Lady: ♫ Samuel, what do you think of this fine meal? Isn't it better than having veal? ♫

Samuel: (spoken) ...Eh.
Madison: (spoken) Samuel, you have to say something!

Samuel: ♫ I don't like scones and that is that. ♫
  • They both questioned themselves when their vision/nightmare came true.
  • They worked together to hurry the Pakistanish Lady out the door.
  • Madison told Samuel that she was relieved that the lockers could finally be open properly.
  • They both wanted the Pakistanish Lady gone for good, and they were willing to do anything it took.

Happy Birthday

  • Babushka asked Samuel to play along and pretend that they had no clue that it was Madison's birthday coming up. Samuel initially didn't want to do this because he thought that it would hurt Madison's feelings. Thus, Babushka was the one who mainly did the talking.
  • Samuel spilled and told Madison that him and Babushka were joking.
  • Samuel was involved in the planning for Madison's surprise birthday party.
  • Samuel wished Madison a happy birthday and the two of them hugged for a split second.
  • Samuel helped to push Madison to the "birthday throne" and he placed a party hat on her forehead.
  • Samuel was the first one to give Madison his gift, and he got her a cell-phone (this became a major plot-point for most of the episode). He also told her that the cell-phone wasn't cheap; which further showed that Samuel sacrificed his love of money for her (this became apparent in Destist Dilemma when Samuel brought Madison a necklace with her name on it).
  • Madison thanked Samuel for his gift with a hug.
  • Madison told him that he gave her the best gift.
  • Samuel warned Madison and told her to duck before the confetti canon was about to blast a hole in her head. This was a near-death experience for Madison and Samuel saved her life.
  • Samuel told Madison that if she touched the bottom of the plate while cutting the cake, she had to kiss the nearest boy (which is a tradition at Australian birthday parties). With that, Samuel edged closer to Madison.
  • Madison thanked everyone (including Samuel) for giving her the best birthday ever.
  • Samuel wasn't sure where Madison was at school and he seemed concerned about it.
  • Samuel was pleased to see that Madison was using the cell-phone that he got for her, however he was disappointed to learn that Madison was abusing her cell-phone privileges and how she got 10 times more popular because of her cell-phone. With this knowledge, he and Babushka try to devise a plan to take the phone away from Madison without her knowing.
  • On cue, Samuel (and Babushka) wait until Madison stopped using her phone and went to sleep. He then tip-toed his way across the room until he finally reached Madison's bed. Because Madison's cell-phone was on her dresser, Samuel had to stretch his arm across her bed to reach it. However, Madison opened her eyes and saw Samuel with his arm stretched across her body. They both scream.
  • Madison asked Samuel what he was doing, and to save himself from getting caught, he told her that he was giving her a "goodnight" hug.
  • Madison felt bad about running out on Samuel and Babushka all week, so she organised a study session for the two of them to get together. However, Madison left him alone after one of her new friends wanted to meet her somewhere.
  • After she felt more awful, Madison organised another study session for her and Samuel, however Samuel was annoyed to find out that Madison invited her new friend Bianca.
  • Madison thought that Samuel was distracting her on purpose, however he was just trying to avoid Bianca who appeared to have a crush on him.
  • Madison wanted to leave Samuel again because she got a phone-call asking to meet her at the mall. Samuel tried to stop her and the two of them had an argument. However, this resulted in Madison leaving for the mall anyway.
  • While Madison was waiting for a cab, she relayed some of the things Samuel said, such as, "Since when was seeing some teacher on a unicycle more important than school work?", "Do you really think those girls are your friends?! They're only using you because you're a teenager and you have a cell-phone.", "Just because you make new friends, it doesn't mean you have to ditch your old ones."
    • These made her go back inside and head back to the hotel room to apologise to Samuel.
  • While Madison was waiting for the elevator to open, Samuel came down the stairs with a huge smile on his face. He told her that she knew that she wouldn't go through with leaving because he knew her so well.
  • They apologised to each other and hugged.

Jealousy Strikes

  • Madison turned the camera on Samuel so that he could star in her new web show ("The Madison Show"), and referred to him and her friend.
  • Samuel teased Madison about her web show, saying that she only had tens of views.
  • Madison told him to shut up.
  • When Bianca came up to Madison and told her that she had a massive crush on Samuel, Madison asked her, "Why?" in a half-joking way.
  • Madison encouraged Bianca to ask Samuel out and told her that Samuel was a great guy.
  • Bianca told Samuel that there was a "special" girl standing in the hallway that had a secret crush on him for a small amount of time. Samuel automatically thought that she was referring to Madison, so he looked towards her direction and smiled when he saw her.
  • Samuel automatically said yes to Bianca because he thought that she was talking about Madison.
  • When Bianca told Samuel about a trick that guys did, where he just went out with a girl to make another girl jealous. This gave Samuel the idea to do this with Bianca, and he immediately started flaunting his relationship to Madison.
  • Madison unsurely said that she was happy for Samuel and Bianca.
  • Samuel asked Madison to film his and Bianca's date for Madison's web show, however Madison was reluctant about this.
  • Samuel chose Madison's outfit for his and Bianca's date and Madison hated it.
  • Samuel placed his arm around Madison (and Bianca) and told them that it was just him and them.
  • Madison sat across from Samuel on his date.
  • When Madison was about to get up and go to the bathroom, Samuel grabbed her arm and told her in a deep voice, "Wait! Don't go!"
  • Samuel refused to do anything romantic with Bianca until Madison got back. It's worth noting that through-out the night, Samuel intentionally acted close to Bianca just to attempt to make Madison jealous.
  • Madison accidentally interrupted Samuel and Bianca's kiss when her camera's battery died.
  • They rode in the elevator together (along with Bianca, Matthew, Phil and Patricia).
  • Samuel made Madison stay and watch him and Bianca kiss.
  • Madison smiled at Samuel and asked him about his behaviour that night.
  • Samuel told Madison all about his plan to make her jealous. Samuel referred his crush on Madison as "massive" and Madison was disappointed in him, saying that Bianca would've been upset if she overheard their conversation. Unfortunately for Samuel, Bianca did overhear them and called him a "disgusting, filthy rat".
  • Madison passed Boo Boo over to Samuel when she couldn't hold him properly.

Spring Cleaning

  • Much like the previous episode, Samuel was annoyed with Madison's web-show and constantly teased her for her low view count.
  • Their cleaning assignments were near each other; Madison cleaned the living room whilst Samuel cleaned under the stairs.
  • Samuel constantly told Madison to turn the camera off, but she refused.
  • Samuel asked Madison for the passcode for her App Pad, and Madison refused to give it to him. However, Samuel guessed that it was "1234", and he was correct.
  • They communicated through the comment section of Madison's web show; Samuel typed up his responses whilst Madison spoke to him verbally. Annoyed, Madison snatched her App Pad away from him.
  • They tried getting the vent open together but it wouldn't budge.
  • Samuel warned Madison about the negative comments on her website.
  • Madison wasn't impressed with Samuel's smart comments to Babushka.

A New Phil

  • Samuel watched Madison hurry down the stairs and looked curious as to why she was doing so.
  • Madison told Samuel (and Babushka) to shut-up.
  • Samuel looked concerned when the police came knocking on their door, looking for Madison.
  • They met up before class and were talking to each other next to their lockers.
  • When Madison was frustrated about her webcast getting canceled, Samuel asks her, "You're still on about that?"
  • Madison gave Samuel an angry look and Samuel apologized.
  • They stood next to each other constantly through-out the episode:
    • While they're talking to Phil at school (during and after Babushka's presence).
    • While they're talking to Phil at school the next day (they were talking a bit before Phil approached them).
    • During their at-home appointment with Million Bucks Bill.
    • In the operating room.
  • Both of them ran to hug Phil when his appearance changed back.
  • They briefly danced together before landing in the splits at the same time (along with Babushka, Matthew and Phil).
  • Both of them yelled, "Here come the pain!" at the same time (along with Babushka, Matthew and Phil).

Camp Hideous

  • Samuel looked excited when Madison came bursting through the door.
  • Samuel asked Madison was the permission note was for.
  • Before Madison could step onto the bus, Samuel refused to let her leave by throwing his arms around Madison's legs.
  • Samuel gave Madison 50c to spend at the camp.
  • Samuel smiled and waved at Madison when she stepped onto the bus.
  • Samuel admitted that he missed Madison already.
  • Samuel (and the others) ran to Matthew when he told them that he was talking to Madison on the phone.
  • Samuel ran to Madison when she arrived home.
  • Samuel told Madison about the couple of days that him and Babushka just had (however the others were trying to tell her stories all at once).
  • Although Madison told Samuel (and the others) that she was just one person and she needed space, Samuel continued telling her about his week (along with the others telling Madison about their week too).

Martinez Out of Control

  • Madison ran up to Samuel and asked him if he knew the news about Miss Martinez's illness.
  • Miss Martinez put Madison and Samuel (along with Babushka and Chester) in charge of the school until she got better, meaning that they had to announce the morning announcements and had to install a sign above the cafeteria.
  • Samuel was talking to Madison while she was finishing installing the lights.
  • They were both worried about the school catching on fire.
  • They had the same nightmare where Matthew kicked them out of the hotel room and they had to live on the street.
  • Samuel supported Madison's decision to try and reason with Miss Martinez.

Dreams Come Alive

Part 1

  • Despite trying to have a day for herself, Samuel asked Madison if he could go to the park with her. Madison didn't say no, however she was annoyed by the fact that Samuel overheard her and Matthew's conversation. This was evident by Madison telling Samuel that if she asked him to do his science project, he wouldn't listen to her.
  • Samuel asked Madison about her song, however he then lost interest and walked away.
  • Samuel saw a crowd around Madison and waited for them to part away so that he could steal some money from Madison's keyboard case.
  • Madison asked Samuel where he came from (meaning that she didn't see Samuel appear out of nowhere), however Samuel assumed that she was talking about where did he actually come from (his parents).
  • When Madison told Samuel not to speak to tenth graders, she fiddled with Samuel's coat.
  • Madison shyly looked down after fiddling with Samuel's coat and told him, "I thought you hated my music."
  • Samuel suggested that they should partner up, where he could dance while Madison sang.
  • Madison was surprised at Samuel's dance moves and her mouth fell open.
  • After their first time performing together, JJ Martin (a "music producer") spotted them performing and offered them a record deal.
  • They tried to come up with ways to raise $2000 for a demo video, and they both agreed to ask Matthew for help.
  • Madison suggested that they called the thing they were doing the "Madison-Samuel project", however Samuel thought that they should call it the "Samuel-Madison project".
  • Madison agreed that Samuel had the "eyebrows" to pull off sitting next to Oprah.
  • Samuel told Madison that she had to play her song on a much slimmer and weirder sounding keyboard.
  • Samuel made Madison wear a skimpy and short blue dress for their music video, and Madison made him dress up as a building.
  • They started to bicker about the new changes to the video.
  • They tried filming the music video together, however Samuel bumped into Madison which caused her to bump into JJ Martin and break the camera.
  • The two finally got along when Miss Martinez told them about JJ Martin's scheme.
  • They fist-bumped in victory.
  • Samuel was featured in the self-produced music video for Madison's song Life in Chicago, and the video featured a few questionable clips of the two of them together (including Madison knocking Samuel aside with her hip, and inching closer to Samuel whilst pushing him backward with only her forefinger).
  • Samuel wanted to go to Madison's room before Madison stopped him.

Part 2

  • Samuel jokingly asked Madison why she was still watching the Life in Chicago music video.
  • Samuel tried to warn her about the dangers of putting a video online.
  • Samuel seemed happy for Madison when her video reached one million views over night.
  • When Madison read out a comment that read, "I really like this song! And to the blonde girl singing, you're hot. I want to marry you some day," Samuel asked, "Who could blame them?".
    • This prompted Madison to give Samuel a weird look.
  • JJ Martin recognised the two of them from the music video and decided to take credit for it as an act of revenge.
  • They watched both of JJ Martin's videos together.

Wrestling in The Dark

  • Madison chained Babushka and Samuel together because of an incident that occurred at lunch.
  • Samuel asked Madison to undo his chain and she did.
  • Madison wanted Samuel and Babushka to stop fighting because she was concerned for the both of them.
  • Madison found Samuel mentally unstable at school and was openly concerned about him.
  • Samuel moped into Madison's shoulder and Madison threw her arm around him and caressed his arm.
  • Madison was worried when Babushka beat Samuel up.
  • Madison offered Samuel her hand and the two of them stared at each other for a few seconds before Madison hoisted him up.
  • Madison offered to talk to Babushka and convince her not to go through with the fight.
  • Madison expressed her concern towards Samuel's wellbeing to Babushka.
  • Madison agreed to pretend to be Samuel so that Babushka could work herself up.
  • Madison imitated Samuel by putting on a deep voice and saying, "Yo, it's Samuel. Girl, you know how I do! (swivels hips) Break it down! Break it down! Break it-". This is what Samuel said to Madison during their first exchange in Pilot.
  • Babushka told Madison that she was so good imitating Samuel, she thought that she was him.
  • Madison was the only one who cheered for Samuel. Although she cheered for Babushka as well, it seemed that she was on Samuel's side.
  • During the time out, Samuel crawled over on his stomach to the side where Madison was standing.
  • Samuel told Madison that he was going to give up, however Madison gave him a heartfelt speech, convincing him that he can beat her if he believed that he could.
  • The two of them exchanged a hopeful look, and it appeared that Samuel used his love for Madison to motivate him to pick himself up.
  • Samuel was a bit jealous when he saw Madison flirt with the police officer.

Christmas Cheers

  • The episode opened up with the two of them standing next to each other, admiring something off screen. It was revealed a few seconds later that they were both admiring the same Christmas tree.
  • They both agree that something was wrong with Babushka's hot chocolate.
  • Samuel was interested in Madison's story and about how she saved Dorothy Pat's life.
  • Madison seemed defensive and jealous when Samuel brought up that he had a crush on Dorothy Pat.
  • They stand next to each other and dance with each other during Dorothy's performance.
  • Dorothy asked them (along with Babushka, Matthew and Phil) if she could write and perform a song with them.
  • They stood next to each other on the stage.
  • Samuel looked proud of Madison whilst Madison was singing her part of the song. This occurred vise versa as well.

A Year's Celebration

  • Madison was relieved when Samuel finally showed up to the anniversary.
  • Madison questioned Samuel as to why he stolen a large amount of yogurt tubs.
  • Madison told Samuel that the suit he as wearing made him look "kinda cute". Samuel responded to this with, "Yeah, whatever," in a shy manner.
  • Both of them attempted to call Matthew.
  • They were standing next to each other in the police officer's office.
  • When Madison saw the helicopter approaching, she hugged and kissed Samuel on the cheek with excitement. She quickly apologized to him and wiped the kiss.
    • Thus, this episode hinted that Madison had feelings for Samuel, however she was consciously unaware at the time. It was also hinted that Samuel's feelings for Madison went away; as evident in his response to Madison's flirt.

Critic's Choice

  • When Madison jokingly said that someone should punch her, Samuel told her that he was "on it" and he reached for her behind.
  • Before Samuel could reach it, Madison told him, "Not happening!".
  • They both agreed that Million Bucks Bill acting sensible and polite was strange, and they yell at the same time, "Matthew must be home!".
  • They huddled inwards during the group hug at the end of the episode.

A Love/Hate Situation

Note: Kyle Massey was absent in this episode. However, his character was frequently mentioned.

  • Madison offered to take Samuel's dinner to him since he was unable to come to the table himself (due to being sick), and she does.
  • Samuel vomits all over Madison's shirt.
  • When Babushka was yelling, Madison told Babushka to be quiet as Samuel was trying to sleep.
  • Babushka suggested that Madison should go out with Samuel, since she was the one who was always taking care of him.
    • Madison shyly disagreed.
  • Madison went upstairs to check-up on Samuel after she came home, and he vomited all over her dress.

Babysitter Meets Spontaneous

Note: This episode is a 2-part crossover special with the fellow Clearstime series Spontaneous; where part 1 is a Babysitter episode and part 2 is a Spontaneous episode. Only part 1's moments are featured in this section.

  • Madison and Samuel (and Babushka) walked into the school auditorium together whilst Madison talked about how excited she was for the school assembly.
  • They sat next to each other during the morning announcements.
  • Samuel was curious as to why Madison was so excited about visitors coming to the school.
  • Madison became slightly uneasy when Robin was flirting with Samuel. This also occurred when Samuel was flirting with Tane.
  • Samuel told Andrew that Madison was a "great girl". He also told him that he no longer had a crush on her and Andrew could date her if he wanted.
  • Madison defended Samuel to Tane when Tane told her that Madison that her friends were weird.

The Book of Secrets

  • Madison asked Samuel (along with Babushka and Matthew) if they wanted to play board games, but Samuel told her he didn't want to.
  • Samuel told Matthew that she was dating a new guy and that was why she seemed so happy.
  • Samuel excused himself and left the room when he saw Madison and Simon kiss, mainly due to jealousy.
  • Madison flirtatiously asked Samuel why he needed to find his guitar, and Samuel told her that he was taking guitar lessons at the community centre.
  • Samuel smiled at Madison when he approached her and Babushka in the hallway.
  • Samuel groaned when Madison and Simon kissed.
  • Samuel wanted to tell Babushka about what it said in the book (about how Madison was planning on sneaking out to go to the movies with Simon), because he was concerned for Madison.
  • Samuel came into the bedroom and saw Madison crying. He ran right over to her straight away.
  • Madison straightened her posture when she saw Samuel so that she didn't seem as slouchy.
  • Madison nervously told Samuel about why she felt upset.
  • Samuel wanted to beat Simon up for what he did to Madison.
  • Madison suggested that he could help her write a song to expose Simon in front of the school since Madison knew how to sing and Samuel was taking guitar lessons.
  • They talked on the phone until Simon arrived, and Samuel wished Madison "good luck".
  • Samuel played the electric guitar for Madison whilst she was the lead singer. They also stood close to each other and smiled at one another through out the song.
  • Madison pulled Samuel and Babushka into a group hug after the song was over.
  • Samuel stopped Madison from making a fool out of herself with Simon.

Heat Wave

Note: Due to the time they spent alone together in a small area (the elevator), many fans believe that this was the episode where Madison returned Samuel's feelings (when she grew feelings for Samuel) for the first time.

  • Samuel spotted Madison lounging around on the couch and asked her if she had gotten over her break-up with Simon (from the previous episode).
  • Madison smiled and told Samuel that she guessed that she was.
  • Samuel asked Madison if he could use her laptop, and she let him.
  • Madison tried asking Samuel what the temperature was outside, however he was too distracted by something.
  • Samuel followed through with Madison's plan to try and turn off the giant fan.
  • Madison suggested that she should go downstairs and buy ice cold drinks from the lobby's milk bar, and Samuel offered to go with her.
  • Samuel wanted to take the stairs, however Madison recommended that they should take the elevator since it would've reduced their sweating. However, as they were busy discussing what drink they were going to buy everyone, the elevator's power shut off and it stopped working.
  • They were both trapped inside the small elevator together with no air-conditioning and no lighting.
  • Desperate to get them out, Samuel pulled with all his might to open the doors to the elevator, however he discovered that they were wedged between two floors.
  • They both tried calling the emergency phone, however Miss Martinez was asleep and didn't hear them.
  • They suggested they waited until the elevator began working again since there was nothing that they could do. They sat next to each other against the wall of the elevator whilst Madison leaned her head on Samuel's shoulder.
  • They two of them talk for a bit in the elevator.
  • Samuel was excited for Madison when she got the idea to text Matthew via her App Pad.
  • When the elevator began working again, they immediately hugged each other in relief.
  • Madison smiled and shook her head at Samuel when he kissed the ground of the hotel lobby after they made it out of the elevator.
  • They returned back with drinks.
  • Babushka was suspicious as to why they took so long to get the drinks. Although Madison tried to explain that her and Samuel were trapped in the elevator, Babushka still felt her stomach with her bear hands (implying that she thought that Madison and Samuel had sex in the elevator).

Ms. Coward...What Have You Done?

  • Samuel wanted to know where Madison was, but was disappointed when he saw her using her cell phone inappropriately (the same way she did in Happy Birthday).
  • Madison was excited to tell Samuel that Miss Martinez was engaged.
  • Samuel told Madison a rumour about Ms Coward being a vampire, and she immediately believed him and decided that they needed to find solid proof. Thus, Madison, Samuel and Babushka "went undercover" to sneak Madison's camcorder into the teacher's lounge.
  • Madison asked Samuel to check under her bed for the camcorder.
  • They were touching shoulders when they were walking down the hallway with sunglasses on.
  • Samuel accidentally bumped into Madison, causing him, Madison and Babushka to fall down.
  • They linked arms while they were doing the can-can (in both times in the episode).
  • Madison was shocked to find out that Samuel was reading a book.
  • They came up with a plan to trick Ms Coward into kissing Phil; Madison pretended to be a news anchor whilst Samuel pretended to be the camera guy.
  • Madison whispered Ms Coward's address into Samuel's ear and gazed at him while doing so.
  • Madison ripped Samuel's fake moustache from his face, causing him to scream.
  • They sat next to each other on the couch at Ms Coward's place.

Sox Are Awesome

  • Madison wanted to know why Samuel was so excited, and he told her that it was because the school was having a "wear just your socks day".
  • Samuel offered to help Madison find a pair of socks to wear for the day.
  • They waited around the corner whilst Babushka was "working her magic" on the woman on the twelfth floor, and they were both amazed at how powerful she was of persuading people.
  • They giggled and laughed together during the ketchup fight.

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

  • Madison watched Samuel and Babushka play sock basketball for a few seconds before asking them where they wanted to go for the school break.
  • They stood next to each other whilst they were getting scanned by the security guard.
  • They smiled at each other when they entered the beach.
  • They both didn't believe what the security guard said about bad luck.
  • Samuel told Madison that he was going for a swim, and Madison proudly told him that she wanted to set a record for building the largest sandcastle in the smallest amount of time.
  • Samuel teased Madison and told her that she was too old to be building sandcastles.
  • Madison wanted to know where Samuel was and seemed concerned towards his whereabouts.
  • Madison was shocked when she saw Samuel with no board shorts on and asked him where they were.
  • They sat next to each other at the table whilst they were eating lunch.
  • Samuel assured Madison that everyone had a great time.
  • Samuel told Madison that the whole "bad luck" thing was fake.

No Gum Allowed

  • They proudly told each other about their own assignments, and Madison was jealous when Samuel got a better mark than her.
  • Madison gave Samuel a stick of gum (even though he was asked to spit it out afterwards).
  • They stood next to each other during the morning announcements.
  • Samuel was the second last student to spit their gum into the gum tube whereas Madison was the last.
  • Samuel smiled at Madison as she was going up the stairs along the side of the gum tube.
  • Madison told Samuel about her "invisi-gum" and he was impressed.
  • Samuel thought that Madison had a problem when her locker was filled with "invisi-gum".
  • Samuel helped Madison stash the gum away before Ms Coward and Miss Martinez would catch them.
  • Samuel was proud of Madison and stood by her speech about gum.


  • Samuel watched backstage as Madison was auditioning.
  • Samuel applauded and shouted at Madison when she finished her audition and congratulated her for it afterwards.
  • Madison gave Samuel one of two VIP passes for front row seats for the concert.
  • Samuel was on Madison's side and wanted to go to the concert.
  • Samuel was unhappy when Matthew said no about the concert.
  • "Fake" Samuel hit on Madison and the real Samuel seemed jealous.
  • Madison undeniably thought that "Fake" Samuel was gross and was creeped out about his comments. This completely opposed what Madison felt towards Samuel (even though she was creeped out by Samuel's comments towards the start of the series).
  • Samuel cheered Madison on whilst she was on stage.
  • Samuel tried to warn about Matthew showing up to the concert, showing that he was worried for her.

Million Bucks Job

  • They were both excited to see how much money Million Bucks Bill earned that week, and were disappointed when he told them that he was fired.
  • Samuel appeared in Madison's dream, where they were living at an orphanage run by Million Bucks Bill's boss. They interacted within the dream.
    • Samuel's attire was more well-kempt than Madison's and Babushka's. His hair was gelled up (despite living in an orphanage) and his clothes were slightly nicer. Keep in mind that it was implied that Madison had a crush on Samuel at this stage, which explained why Samuel appeared good-looking in her dream (her subconscious mind controlled the way Samuel looked).
  • This happened similarly at the end of the episode, where Madison had another dream at the orphanage. Once again, Samuel appeared in the dream and was more well-dressed than the others (however this dream was a lot happier; everyone was wearing proper clothes whereas the previous dream, everyone was wearing rags).

Wireless Internet Service

  • It was revealed that Madison gave Samuel free tutoring since she was already smart and she wanted to teach Samuel the fundamentals.
    • Keep in mind that it was stated that this was Madison's idea and Samuel is two years older than Madison, which could mean that Madison used the tutoring as an excuse to spend more time with Samuel.
  • The two of them were studying the "periodic table of elements", and Madison started giving Samuel a verbal quiz on it before they were interrupted by Million Bucks Bill.
  • Madison was proud that Samuel was getting the answers to the quiz correct, which meant that Samuel understood what Madison was teaching him.
  • They had opposing opinions towards Million Bucks Bill's newfound crush on Patricia; Madison was against it and Samuel was all in for it.
Madison: Dude, Mrs Practor is married!
Samuel: And has no kids!
  • They both wanted to check out the new computers at the library.
  • Madison was upset when Samuel told her that he'd rather be at the library than study.
  • They were both impressed with the computers and did their own thing on their own.
  • Madison seemed jealous when Samuel was hitting on Abigail.
  • Madison admitted to her friend Nicole via video chat that she did have a crush on Samuel. She shyly told Nicole that she "kinda liked this one guy" and looked in Samuel's direction. Samuel (who was playing a video game) was shown to the audience for a split second, and Madison gazed at him for a few seconds before JJ Martin ruined the moment.
  • When Abigail rejected Samuel, Madison stood up and squeezed Samuel's ear with one hand, making a pouty "awww" (sarcastic) before Samuel slapped her hand away. As it was revealed earlier that Madison was harbouring a crush on Samuel, it could be seen that Madison was relieved that Abigail didn't return Samuel's feelings.
  • Madison gave Samuel an "are you sure" look when Abigail agreed to go on a date with him.
  • They both attended the White Spa at the end of the episode and looked up at the same time when JJ Martin made a hole in the roof.

Timothy Is Back!

  • Samuel was concerned when he saw Madison walk in with Timothy (remembering the events of what happened last time when Timothy was around [Timothy...Who?]).
  • Samuel spied on Madison and Timothy to ensure that nothing suspicious was going on.
  • Madison found out about Samuel's spying and still let him.
  • Samuel showed major concern when Timothy locked Madison in the closet with him, and he tried to do everything he could to get her out of there.


Note: According to Boo Boo is History, it was revealed that Samuel's feelings for Madison had returned in this episode. As of this episode, both Madison and Samuel had feelings for each other but were unaware at the time.

  • They hung out in the school library together with Babushka.
  • Samuel reminded Madison about her big maths test coming up.
  • Samuel seemed jealous when Madison told him about the cute police officer who turned up to her new work, and Samuel told Madison that school was more important than boys.
  • Samuel (and Babushka) surprised Madison while she was at work and smiled at her flirtatiously upon greeting her.
  • Samuel rolled his eyes when Madison left her shift to approach the police officer, showing jealousy.
  • Samuel witnessed Madison's rap to the police officer.
  • Madison sat at the seat across from Samuel's table and told him that she failed her maths test and told him that he was right.
  • Samuel suggested that Madison should consider going out with someone else, preferably someone who was sitting across from her (referencing the episode In Love where Samuel used almost those exact words).
  • Samuel is upset when Madison ignored him.

Million Bucks Bill Sells Sea-Shells by the Sea Shore

  • Samuel looked at Madison when she walked into the hotel room.
  • Samuel backed up Madison's theory of the Genanium sea-shells by printing out sheets from the internet.
  • Samuel smiled when Madison mentioned how receiving Genanium sea-shells as a gift was a sign of taking the next step in a relationship.
  • It should be noted that Million Bucks Bill's boss (portrayed by Stefanie Scott) and JJ Martin (portrayed by Micah Williams) were revealed to be a couple, and the pair bear resemblance to Mamuel.
  • They both worked at Blackness at the end of the episode, but decided to quit straight away after learning about the horridness of the restaurant.
    • A flashback of them working is shown in the season 3 episode Dates.

Willy The Monster

  • Samuel didn't believe that Willy the Monster was real, enraging Madison.
  • Samuel was curious as to why Madison was taking so many things to the day trip to the woods.
  • Madison asked Samuel to help her zip her bag up.
  • Samuel told Madison to be careful when carrying her bag, showing that he had concern for her.
  • They sat next to each other on the bus.
  • When Babushka asked Samuel to trade seats with her, he said no (obviously because he was quite happy sitting next to Madison).
  • Madison came in between Samuel and Babushka's argument by standing in the middle of them and pushing them apart. Madison left her hand on Samuel's chest for a few more seconds than she did with Babushka's, and she was more pressed up against Samuel.
  • Samuel agreed to record evidence using his cell phone, showing that even though he didn't believe her, he still wanted to find Willy.
  • When they saw Willy, Samuel clasped on to Madison's shoulders in fear.
  • Madison suggested that her and Samuel should keep a look out in the school bus whilst Babushka stayed with the older couple. It was probable that she did this in order to spend more time with Samuel.
  • When Madison told Samuel his instructions, Samuel interrupted her by asking her, "Please kiss me!", to which Madison responded with, "No, thank you!".
  • They were sitting next to each other looking out the bus windows.
  • Madison lied and said that she only had two pairs of binoculars, when in reality she had three, so Babushka could've easily joined them in the bus. However, Madison probably lied so that she could spend time alone with Samuel.
  • Samuel told Madison that he appreciated them spending time together.
  • They shared a moment in the bus together:
Samuel: Madison, look, we've been friends for quite some time now. And well, we're I was just wondering if, ya know, you wanted to-"
  • This showed that Samuel was about to ask Madison out before they were interrupted by Babushka.
  • Samuel looked hurt when his and Madison's conversation ended.
  • Samuel clutched Madison's arm while they were witnessing Ms Coward get attacked, as well as when they discovered the nerdy adult's body.

Boo, Boo Is History

Part 1

  • Samuel asked Matthew where Madison was, showing that he had concern for her.
  • Madison called Samuel to tell her that she was trapped at the Lost & Found.
  • Samuel seemed jealous when Madison told him that Steve asked her out.
  • Samuel told Madison that he and the others were trapped in The Shack; however, he told her that her situation was worse.
  • Samuel promised her that as soon as he and the others get rescued, he would go and rescue her straight away.
  • Madison sent Samuel a voicemail telling him to call her back.
  • When Steve caught Madison on her cellphone, he asked her who Samuel was. Madison told him that Samuel was her boyfriend.
  • When Steve posed as Madison and texted Samuel, "Hi there. I want to break-up," Madison cried and told him that Samuel was the best thing that has ever happened to her (despite them not being a couple). This hinted that Madison had feelings for Samuel and she was scared that Steve's text would ruin that.
  • When Samuel received the text, he was confused. Babushka suggested that Madison didn't want to be his friend anymore. Samuel believed her and became annoyed.
  • Samuel didn't want to rescue Madison after this discovery.

Part 2

  • Madison admitted to Boo Boo that she missed the others (which included Samuel).
  • Samuel refused to rescue Madison because he thought that Madison didn't want to be friends with him any more.
  • Samuel kept Madison's whereabouts a secret from the others.
  • Samuel reluctantly agreed to help find Madison.
  • Samuel was happy when they finally found Madison; despite being angry at her.
  • Madison pulled Samuel into a hug after she was rescued, and Samuel didn't stop her.
  • When Madison let go, Samuel asked her about the text that she sent him.
  • Madison explained to Samuel that it was Steve who sent the text to him.
  • Madison shyly asked Samuel if he still liked her as a crush.
  • Samuel told her that he liked her, then he didn't like her, and then he liked her again.
  • Samuel told Madison that he started liking her when she started working at Lasagna Pete's because she looked cute in her uniform (which occurred during the events of Crushed).
  • Madison asked Samuel why he stopped liking her, and Samuel responded, "I don't know. I guess I didn't know what I was missing out on."
  • Samuel was about to Madison out (for the millionth time; since he wanted to go out with her in a number of previous episodes) before Madison cut him off and told him, "I would love to go out with you, Samuel."
  • Madison smiled at Samuel flirtatiously after he asked her out and Samuel said that asking her out was a lot easier than he thought he would.
  • Madison kissed Samuel on the cheek twice, snuggled into his shoulder and did a little shoulder jig after Babushka asked if they were a couple.
  • Madison introduced Samuel to Steve as her real boyfriend (as she was only lying to Steve earlier to cover her tracks).
  • Madison was happy of how things were heading about her new relationship and her life.