If you want a girl to like you, locking her in a cupboard and forcing her to kiss you isn't the answer. You need to maybe start up a conversation, find things in common and do things that the girl appreciates.
Madison to Timothy in Timothy Is Back

General Information
Shipped Characters Madison and Timothy
Length of Relationship 2011-2012
Status Enemies (currently)
One-sided crush (formerly)
Rivals Mamuel

Mimothy is the romantic pairing for Madison (M/adison) and Timothy (T/imothy) in BABYSITTER. They first met in Timothy...Who?, when Timothy is new to the hotel and he hangs out with Madison, Samuel and Babushka. His crush on her was revealed later in the episode when Timothy tricked Madison into kissing him. The next day, Madison goes to Timothy's hotel room to confront him about it, but he reveals to her that his family travels alot and he only stays in a city for a few days before moving to another city. He also reveals that he normally befriends a group of people and grows a crush on a girl from the group so that he can secure himself a girlfriend when the time is right. Madison agrees for the two of them to keep in contact and she tells him that they should remain friends. About a season later (in the episode Timothy Is Back), Timothy returns with a secret plan to get Madison to date him. Although, Madison is unaware of the situation and Timothy locks Madison in a closet with him so that they could kiss. Luckily, Samuel and Babushka heard Madison's screams, so they rescue her just in time. Feeling humiliated, Timothy appologises to Madison and vows that he would be back for revenge. Timothy then reappears in season 4 (Timothy 3), and he makes Madison and the others seem like they're hallucinating him. He devises a plan with Babushka to lock Madison and Sheniqua in the elevator. After Babushka spills the beans, the girls are rescued and Timothy is finally arrested.

This pairing is considered as a rival to Mamuel.