I'm Steve...
Steve in Boo, Boo Is History




General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: c. 1998
Address: Unknown
Occupation(s): Student
Lost & Found Owner
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Relationships: Veronica (current girlfriend)
Madison (crush)
Enemies: Samuel, Babushka, Matthew, Phil, Million Bucks Bill, Patricia
Other Information
Education: Chicago All School (most likely)
Series Information
First appearance: Boo, Boo Is History
Portrayed By: Jake Short

Steve is a recurring character in the fictional TV series BABYSITTER

He is portrayed by Jake Short.


Season 2

Steve appears for the first time in the season 2 finale, Boo, Boo Is History, working at the Lost & Found. Madison turns up to the place and meets Steve for the first time, and Steve falls in love with her. When he asks her to be his girlfriend, Madison says no, so Steve locks her in a room, leaving Madison trapped there. He is furious when Madison's family comes to rescue her.

Season 3

In Babysitting Is Worth It, he sells a cat to Patricia, and appears at the end when the hypnotized dancers appear. Throughout the season, he makes short appearances, flirts with Madison and tries to make her his girlfriend. In Babysitter It Up, he comes up with the idea for Matthew and Patricia to date, forming their relationship. In the second-to-last episode, The Road...Here We Come, he gets braces and after doing the project with Veronica, he begins to date her.

Appearance and Personality

  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Skin Colour: Tan

Steve has short brown hair and is seen wearing random colored shirts, clothes and outfits.

Relationships with Other Characters


(2012-present: Crush) In Boo, Boo Is History, Steve traps her in the Lost & Found and forces her to kiss him everyday whilst she's trapped there. For an odd reason, Steve threatens Madison in a vampire costume. After the gang rescuing her, he starts to question himself. In A Wonderful Thanksgiving, he constantly asks Madison to the dance with him, but she still rejects. In The Road...Here We Come, Madison injures Steve to shut him up after he asks Madison to be his partner in the CPR demonatration.


(2013-present: Girlfriend) The two of them got together in The Road...Here We Come after doing the CPR project together.

Appearances in Episodes

Season 2

  • Boo, Boo Is History (first appearance)

Season 3

  • Babysitting Is Worth It
  • A Wonderful Thanksgiving
  • A Day in a Life as Patricia
  • Babysitter It Up
  • The Road...Here We Come

Season 4

  • So...What Now?